What is a bond?

Bond is a long-term security and one of the surest forms of investment. It obliges the issuer to repay to the investor the amount of money shown in the document, including interest and within a set deadline. The bonds differ from the shares in that they provide a predetermined financial return (coupon).

Bond parameters

Emissions: 25 000 000 CZK
Form: Public below threshold
Minimum value: 50 000 CZK
Marurity: 3,5 years
Payment deadline: Quarterly
Interest: 8,4 % p. a.

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Aquaponics in the media

5 reasons to invest with us?


You keep large quantities of fish and vegetables that you always have at hand

  • Vegetables grow up to 5 times faster. You can eat fish in 4 months
  • The likelihood of the occurrence of pests decreases with the absence of soil
  • As opposed to watering, only 10% of water is used in aquaponics
  • Thanks to its unique system, aquaponics can be placed anywhere
  • Interest in aquaponics is growing and your production is very well monetized
  • You can grow any food all year round


We have successfully fulfilled our goal of “Providing comprehensive services and constantly improving”. In 2018 we expanded abroad when we opened new branches in Germany and Serbia. The money from the securities will allow us to grow faster thanks to the acquisition of new farms, the purchase of land and buildings and the possibility to pay for the operation of these new premises. Furthermore, we will be able to expand our operations abroad and innovate our products and services due to our own research.

  • Purchase of land and buildings
  • Construction of aquaponic technology
  • Operating costs: electricity, gas, water
  • Feeding and feeding for fish
  • Vegetable seedling Transport for sale

It is a set of conditions under which bonds are issued. They specify the form and content of the issued security. They define the rights and obligations of the issuer and the owner.

We pay 15% withholding tax. The funds paid are therefore already taxed.

Calculate your bond yield.

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