Fixed interest rate of 8,4 - 9,6 % p.a.

What is a bond?

A bond is a long-term security and one of the safest forms of investment. It obliges the issuer to repay the investor the amount of money specified in the document, including interest, and by the stipulated due date.

Bonds differ from shares in that they provide a predetermined financial yield (coupon).

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Bond parameters

8,4% - 05/2023
9,6 % - 05/2025

Issue: 1 000 000 €
Form: Securities in series
Minimum value: 2 000 €
Maturity: To the maturity date of the yield
Disbursement: Quarterly
Interest: 8,4 % p.a.

Issue: 1 000 000 €
Form: Securities in series
Minimum value: 2 000 €
Maturity: To the maturity date of the yield
Disbursement: Annually
Interest: 9,6 % p.a.


We are a new company with a great vision. We want to grow affordable foods of unbeatable quality without harming the environment. We must adapt to climate change and the problems peoples’ behaviour in the past has caused. We are introducing the latest and most modern form of agriculture.

The technology we use was developed in the Czech Republic. Our production process starts in our own fish hatcheries and germinators for seedlings; we use our own self-made fish feed for the system and use nitrifying bacteria specifically adapted to the feed. This represents a unique combination of technologies, which we have been developing for more than 8 years. Today, we cooperate with researchers from academia on aquaponic research and provide consulting services worldwide. Our activities can have a major impact on the food security and independence of the Czech Republic.

However, the main benefits are that the method does not plunder and destroy the environment and is absolutely waste-free. All the materials we utilise are recyclable, degradable or natural. There is no transfer of technology from other climates and conditions - that is the reason why our technology works.

We employ some of the most internationally recognised experts in aquaponics. This complex aquaponic project has no equivalent anywhere else in the world. We are the future of farming. Future Farming.



Text for the picture - One 1,000 m2 farm produces the same amount of food and fish as an 18 000 m2 field and a 20-hectare pond.


The aim is to provide comprehensive services in the field of aquaponics and to drive continuous improvements by focusing on the activities we carry out at our very own development centre. Every system we build we also put into operation and maintain in order to guarantee full functionality at all times.

We treat each order with responsibility. In addition to providing remote access water quality control, a professional monitoring control system, self-made high-quality feed for fish and a functionality guarantee, we also ensure the long-term contractual disposal of produce from farms built by us, thereby preventing market saturation and lowering the purchase price of vegetables.


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Investment from CZK 50,000

You do not have to invest millions like most large mutual funds. Our product is designed to be affordable for everyone. The 15 % withholding tax is paid by us. The funds paid are therefore already taxed.


Quarterly yield payments.

The agreed interest is paid to the bond holders on a quarterly basis with repayment of the principal sum on the maturity date of the bond.


Fixed interest rate of 8.4 - 9.6 % p.a.

Bonds are currently considered the safest form of investment. We offer a fixed interest rate of 8.4 - 9.6 % p.a. on our bonds. *


Uniqueness of our company

We are currently the only company on the Czech and European markets that develops, manufactures and delivers its own aquaponic systems.


Research and development

We cooperate on development with Mendel University in Brno and other scientific institutes. We have our own research and development centre.


Investors come first

Investors have priority rights to the high-quality farm produce.


Why aquaponics?

  • You can produce huge quantities of fish and vegetables that are always readily available.
  • Vegetables grow five times faster. Fish can be consumed within four months.
  • With the absence of soil, the probability of pests decreases.
  • Compared to watering, aquaponics only consumes an equivalent of 10 % of water.
  • The uniqueness of the system means that aquaponics can be placed anywhere.
  • The interest in aquaponics is growing and you can monetise your production very easily.
  • You can grow any food all year round.

What will we use the money for?

  • Purchase of land and buildings
  • Construction of aquaponic technology
  • Operating costs: electricity, gas, water
  • Alevin and feed for fish
  • Vegetable planting
  • Transport for sale of produce

We have successfully met the set goal of “Providing comprehensive services and continuous improvement.” In 2018, we expanded abroad, opening new branches in Germany and Serbia. The money raised from securities will allow us to grow faster through the acquisition of new farms, the purchase of land and buildings, and the ability to pay for the operation of these new premises. In addition, we will be able to expand our activities abroad and innovate our products and services through further research.

What are the bond terms and conditions?

This is the set of conditions under which the bonds are issued. They specify the form and content of the security issued. They define the rights and obligations of the issuer and the owner.

Who pays the tax on the bond?

The 15 % withholding tax is paid by us. The funds paid are therefore already taxed.


Annual appreciation8,4 %9,6 %
Minimum investment2 000 €2 000 €
Duration of investment3 years5 years
Pay-out*42 €192 €
Total appreciation*25,2 %48,0 %
Overall profit**504 €960 €
More informationMore information
*before tax

Investors have „Priority rights to farm production“.


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  • "Aquaponics is changing the way in which food is grown. You no longer need large areas of land, fields or plantations. All you need for aquaponic “farming” is 8 m2 of space and a power supply. You plug the fully automated system in, regularly check that it is functioning, and refill it with 100 % natural nutrients. The result is the tastiest fruits and vegetables you have ever eaten. Every now and then, as a bonus, you also get to complement your diet with a tasty fish."

    Michal Fojtík

    Director of Future Farming s.r.o.